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Finding the right candidate

Finding the perfect candidate and retaining them can feel nigh-on-impossible at times. The majority of early leavers (new hires who leave within 18 months of taking the role) often do so because of cultural misalignment.

That’s why we recently launched an integration with leading ATS, Teamtailor, to help hiring managers get a deeper understanding of their candidates’ cultural drivers and how this aligns with their company values and local team culture.

Teamtailor is used by 4000 businesses and 170,000 users. It’s an all-in-one ATS that puts candidates at the forefront of its solution in order to attract, nurture and hire top talent.

People matter

It’s our shared belief that people matter the most and that providing a positive candidate experience is key for growth.

Our new integration within Teamtailor, enables hiring managers to effortlessly assess their company’s culture across their full talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention. Leaders are able to spend less time on aligning candidates and more time on being strategic about creating a well-functioning, high-performing team.

Hiring managers can use the ATS to invite applicants to complete their Valuebeat ‘print’, a gamified process of selecting the most important cultural values to them. These values then appear in the candidate’s profile on Teamtailor, showing an alignment score, their top 3 values and a link to access their full print within the Valuebeat tool.

The candidate's alignment score and top 3 values are displayed
within Teamtailor, with a link to their remaining print

These data-driven insights make culture easy to understand, measurable and actionable, to enable recruitment to make smarter decisions on hiring and growing their company culture. 

Our integration with Teamtailor will unlock multiple benefits for users, including the following:

Find the best culture add

Hiring managers can level up their hiring processes by finding the most optimum culture add. Valuebeat allows users to make comparisons between candidates and the teams they’re hiring for.

Get to know candidates

The core of the product is the creation of a ‘print’ by individual users. Each candidate is invited to complete 3 unique steps to build their own Valuebeat ‘print’, a visual representation of their professional values and key priorities.

Reduce bias in the selection process

Users will get an overview of all candidates and can filter by the applicants most aligned or those who will bring specific values to their team, therefore reducing bias by selecting candidates based on objective data.

Shortlist key candidates

The integration offers recruitment the chance to compare and shortlist candidates based on their teams’ cultural preferences and how they will align.

Set teams strategically

Users will gain insights on how each candidate will impact their team culture, helping them to build a well-functioning team or balance out values.

Optimizing interviews

Knowing what matters most to candidates helps recruitment get straight to the core. The integration enables users to tailor their questions and have genuine conversations.

We’re committed to building strong and sustainable cultures by empowering organizations to measure, analyze and track the cultural drivers of their employees and candidates.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can level up your hiring processes with the Valuebeat integration in Teamtailor, have a chat with our team. 

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