Align with your
candidate's values

Use alignment measurement to inform your hiring decisions and improve placement success. This will help you build a strong, cohesive team for your business.

Valuebeat is revolutionary. It's not just a piece of technology, but a change of mindset. It's a very intuitive tool that gives me a lot of powerful data about what's really important for our employees and candidates.

Gui Lozano
Head of Talent at Alvin

5 steps to an unbiased culture assessment

Value reflection

Learn about your candidates’ values by sending a quick, interactive questionnaire.


Compare and shortlist candidates based on alignment score or value adds.

Reducing bias

Reduce bias by filtering candidates on objective alignment.


Predict how each candidate will impact team culture.


Know how to tailor questions to any candidate to assess whether they’ll thrive in your culture.


Valuebeat works and integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use.

Don't see your integration? No worries, we have an open API.

I had a pretty good idea about what mattered to me already, but ranking my values, that was new. I was forced into singling out what actually matters the most. It made a huge difference. These are not things you reflect on every day.

Jeppe Borg Rasmussen
Candidate, Marketing & Growth

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