Unlocking Potential:
The Valuebeat's Story

The story of Valuebeat is a charming one.

Once upon a time, in a bustling business world, a group of passionate professionals came together to tackle a common problem: how do you measure and manage the culture and values of a company?

They believed a company's culture was the key to unlocking its full potential, but traditional methods of measuring culture were slow, outdated, and often unreliable. That's when they had a brilliant idea: what if they could use real-time human data and machine learning to create a tool that could accurately measure a company's culture and values?

And so, Valuebeat was born.

Through years of research, development and user testing, an unique HR and recruitment tool was developed, one that uses real-time human data and machine learning to measure the cultural drivers of people across an organization.

Our company was named after one of the most extraordinary animals on the planet–the platypus. Only in the right environment can the platypus come into existence, develop and thrive. We strongly believe that this also holds true for everyone who is joining a new organization. And so, we set ourselves on the mission to help organizations understand their culture better and make sure every employee, whether current or future, has the opportunity to prosper.

Meet our founding team

We’re based in Denmark but what’s driving us is a mix of everything. Our team's top values are Flexibility, Mission, and Impact. That makes sense, since we’re a startup and building stuff is at the heart of what we do.

Kasper Sommer
Nina Elisabeth Carøe
Lasse Nørremark Kristensen

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