Culture made tangible.

Culture is built on behaviors and structures. What people value impacts how they act and what they want.

We’ve created a framework that aggregates cultural data from employees to give you real-time updates on your company culture.

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#1 Structure
It’s important to me to work within an organizational structure where reporting lines are clear.
#2 Leadership
It’s important to me to work in an organization with dedicated and inspiring leaders.
#3 Career
It’s important to me that I can advance my career by gaining more responsibilities and influence in the organization.
#4 Compensation
It’s important to me to have a good compensation package, such as salary, commission, bonus and/or pension.
#5 Collaboration
It’s important to me to work in close collaboration with other colleagues, teams and/or departments.
#6 Learning
It’s important to me to gain new knowledge and develop new skills on the job.
#7 Relationships
It’s important to me to create a social bond with my colleagues.
#8 Flexibility
It’s important to me to have the option to work from home and/or be able to adjust my schedule to personal obligations (e.g. family).
#9 Well-being
It’s important to me that my physical and psychological well-being is a priority to the organization.
#10 Inclusivity
It’s important to me that I work for an organization that takes responsibility for including different backgrounds, values and ideas.
#11 Mission
It’s important to me to be aligned with the mission of the organization.
#12 Impact
It’s important to me that I have the space to voice my ideas and take initiatives within the organization.

The 12 values framework

The Valuebeat culture framework is built on organizational behavior research in collaboration with Dr. Florence Villesèche and informed by the practical expertise of our founding team’s HR and recruitment experience.

The 12 values reflect personal and professional priorities that guide individuals. They correspond to 3 core areas of organizational culture and are backed by 2 years of research and user testing.

Valuebeat combines the innovative thinking of a start up with the insights from HR and organizational behavior research. All of this packed into a smart and user-friendly analysis tool. I am thankful for the stimulating collaboration and look forward to supporting their growth.

Dr. Florence Villesèche
Associate Professor & Director of the CBS Platform “Diversity and Difference”

Why do we ask people about their values?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to work.

People are motivated by different things. They’re at different stages in their lives. They want to achieve different things, and they have different experiences. The list goes on.

Our framework invites users to reflect on what is – here and now – most important to their professional life.

We’re not analyzing people. We’re helping people define something most of us don't stop to consider.

The Valuebeat Print is your cultural footprint. It's a reflection of what you bring to an organization, and what you need in return to be happy at work.

I had a pretty good idea about what mattered to me already, but ranking my values, that was new. I was forced into singling out what actually matters the most. It made a huge difference. These are not things you reflect on every day.

Jeppe Borg Rasmussen
Candidate, Marketing & Growth

Algorithmic modelling of culture dynamics.

Everyone in an organization has an impact on culture, but not to the same degree.

The Valuebeat culture map is an aggregation of data from the Valuebeat Prints of individual users.

We have developed an algorithm that adjusts for cultural impact to give you an accurate representation of your culture across the organization.

The granularity of the data allows you to compare culture across locations and departments, keep track of cultural changes, and drill down into the top values driving different demographics.


Valuebeat works and integrates seamlessly with tools you already use.

Don't see your integration? No worries, we have an open API.

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