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If 2021 has taught us anything in the HR space, then it’s this: culture matters. Recruitment have faced the challenge of finding and retaining talent, whilst filling positions fast and finding the perfect fit. It’s become clear that HR leaders need objective data to aid these strategic recruitment decisions.

Our existing recruitment feature enables hiring managers to:

  • Learn what’s most important to their candidates.
  • Explore the profiles that culturally align with specific teams within their organization.

But we wanted to expand this functionality, adding an insights tab to provide a better overview, with aggregated visual data on all candidates. Giving a deeper understanding of what candidates are looking for when applying to job roles within specific departments.

Reflecting on values and creating a Valuebeat Print

At the core of Valuebeat, is the creation of a cultural footprint. Whereby, each candidate is asked to complete a few simple steps to create their own Valuebeat Print. This gamified process nudges candidates to rethink and reflect on what’s important to them and what they need to be happy at work.

You can experience the methodology and candidate flow here.  

A typical Valuebeat Print, created by candidates.

When candidates have created their Valuebeat Print the data is collected in the Recruitment feature. Offering objective, unbiased data to aid recruitment when selecting candidates. Hiring managers then have access to a visual representation of what each candidate values in terms of work, showing how well aligned they are with a department. 

It's also worth noting that the print is encrypted and cannot be shared, protecting the anonymity of the applicant.

The alignment score and key priorities of each candidate that's applied to a job posting.

The new update

Valuebeat provides a pool of powerful data on location, age, department, gender and seniority. Whilst this is incredibly helpful, pinpointing specific information can sometimes require time to deep dive into the information. The feedback we’ve received from HR leaders is that they’d like an overview of this data, gaining better insights into who exactly is applying. 

The data from candidates’ Valuebeat Prints is used to provide recruiters with access to aggregated data in a visual format. This has a handy functionality that shows the total number of candidates applying, broken down into weekly and daily totals. This can also be split to show the total number of candidates applying for specific job positions.

Recruiting is the greatest opportunity to change or enhance a culture within a team. So, with this in mind, the candidates’ top three priorities are conveniently showcased with clear explanations underneath. HR teams can then gauge the key priorities for each pool of applicants as per department. 

Aggregated data on your candidates' top three priorities.

The bar chart shows the average values for all candidates applying, across all twelve cultural drivers from the Valuebeat Print. In December, we announced that candidates could input their gender identity when applying for a job posting. Soon recruiters will be able to toggle the data to show gender orientation per posting.

This is key in helping organisations to become more diverse and inclusive in their hiring strategies.

A visual representation of what matters the most to your pool of candidates.

The bar chart above shows all cultural values for the candidates, whilst the pie chart highlights the three priority areas; organisational design, daily practices and guiding principles with aggregated data on all candidates. This data, specifically the bar chart, provides valuable insights on what type of candidates you're attracting with each job posting.

This can help in strategizing on current and future job vacancies and analyzing whether your job posting is inclusive enough and if you should focus on alternative values to attract a different type of candidate.

Visual data helps to understand and prioritize cultural drivers.

Quick takeaways on our new Recruitment Insights feature

  • Get aggregated data on the top three cultural priorities for all candidates within a job posting → highlighting the data that matters.
  • The bar chart shows all twelve core values → view the importance of each value for all candidates.
  • The pie chart shows the priority areas → see what segment matters the most to each pool of applicants.
  • Handy functionality displaying the total number of candidates applying → this can also show the amount per job posting.
  • Weekly and daily candidate counter → data on the number of candidates that you’re reaching.
  • Remember you can refer back to the culture map of the hiring department in the job postings page → this helps to give you an understanding of what matters to each team and how you can align or balance out the existing cultural values.
  • Use the data to help strategize current and future job vacancies → to analyze whether your job posting is inclusive enough.

For those already using the recruitment tool of Valuebeat, these changes will be available the next time you log on, under the Recruitment tab on your dashboard.

If you’d like to know more on how Valuebeat can help you find culturally aligned candidates (for free!) then get in touch with our friendly team.

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