Unleash your
company culture.

Say goodbye to Culture Blindness, and hello to personalized data-driven People and Culture strategies.


Learn what drives your
company culture.

Track your culture

Learn what drives your company culture to qualify decisions on hiring and managing.

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Get accurate feedback

Understand what drives employee engagement and personalize their experience to reduce retention.

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Hire for shared values

Build a strong, dynamic team with unique perspectives, while staying aligned with your core values.

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1. Data on culture
2. Track satisfaction
3. Recruit for alignment

Truly understand
the drivers behind your culture

Dive into the motivations and values that drive your employees. Make decisions that align with your culture and support your business goals.

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Prevent disengagement
and retain your team

By understanding employee's critical needs, you can build a retention strategy that addresses potential issues and keeps them engaged and motivated.

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Align with your
candidate's values

Use alignment measurement to inform your hiring decisions and improve placement success. This will help you build a strong, cohesive team for your business.

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Increase the value of every employee


of people won’t apply for a role unless their values are aligned with those of the company*


of new hires that fail to do so because of cultural and interpersonal factors, not skill**


higher revenue per employee in highly engaged organizations***

*Mission & Culture Survey 2019 - Glassdoor. **Why New Hires Fail - Leadership IQ. ***State of the American Workplace - Gallup.

It’s basically a user researcher’s dream for People Ops. Because of the value ambassadors feature we have a highly-targeted tool that helps us accurately narrow down the issues our organization needs to work on.

Jessica Zwaan
COO at Whereby

As our team grows, priorities change. With Valuebeat we get data every six months to see what has changed and how we need to adjust. For the first time in my career, I have tangible data on culture, not just something coming from conversations.

Danielle Fillimon
Chief People Officer at Statespace

Valuebeat is revolutionary. It's not just a piece of technology, but a change of mindset. It's a very intuitive tool that gives me a lot of powerful data about what's really important for our employees and candidates.

Gui Lozano
Head of Talent at Alvin


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